Google Earth gets a new look later this week with an update to its mobile apps and internet version. Offering highlights, new layers and more, the update promises users a renewed search experience.


Google Earth is getting a new update, giving millions of its users from around the world the opportunity to travel the world via a virtual platform. Because of the Coronavirus outbreak, the people that you have to stay at home, closed the entrance and exit to the borders of the country that was in the days has become an alternative for realistic displays and numerous options to have to spend some time with the application, which offers a very different experience with new features.

The update to the platform on the internet with Android and iOS applications will make the interface of the Google Earth Search Part look better. Further improvements will be introduced to make the same part more open to interaction. In addition, Google Earth will launch a number of features in addition to data layers and normal location results.

Calls will now be tiered:

Immediately after the update, users ' new search experience will begin with featured content. Under this, the must-see option will be displayed in another section. When searching for a location, the interface is refreshed so that the page is divided into sections and a data layer section will be found there to help narrow search results.Let's add that all these counted changes are visible to Android users and will be coming to iOS devices very soon as well. The web interface, which is important for Google Earth, is also getting a sidebar update that includes the changes mentioned. So if you haven't found these announced innovations in your devices yet, you don't have to worry; you'll be able to use them very soon. The initial comments about the changes seem to be positive for now, but in the coming days, we'll all see what feedback technology enthusiasts will make.